Here at Tributary Real Estate, we’re proud to have a close-knit team of talented professionals whose unique perspectives and specialized expertise not only make them invaluable assets to our team, but to our clients and the broader Denver business community.

In this series, we’ll highlight each employee to learn more about who they are, what they do and how they further Tributary’s mission of leveraging trusted relationships, depth of experience and robust real estate knowledge to provide a customized approach to commercial real estate brokerage and investment services.


Describe a recent favorite, interesting or challenging deal.
We were representing a law firm in southeast Denver that had been severely impacted by COVID and the corresponding recession. We were brought in when their existing landlord was trying to raise rent during a potential renewal negotiation. We explained to our client that they had to exercise the market, and we ended up finding a potential space at a neighboring building to downsize them into. Once the space was selected, we leveraged their current landlord and explained our client would relocate unless the existing landlord could match the terms of our smaller space. Surprisingly, the landlord made a 40% reduction in our client’s monthly rent to keep them in the building. Subsequently, our client was able to avoid laying off multiple staff members due to the reduction in rent. It’s exciting to see the impact of our work on business and the lives of our clients’ employees.

What inspires you?
I want to do the best job possible for each client and provide a better service than any other broker in Denver. Some real estate brokers are hired to sell or lease buildings and are limited by the product that they are selling. We provide a service to the clients we represent, and effort is the biggest deciding factor in if the quality of our representation. I want to put so much effort into every deal that every time a client considers a real estate decision, they can’t imagine proceeding without me.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
The most rewarding aspect of my job is helping growing companies make the right real estate decisions that allow their employees to feel a positive impact of their time spent in the office.

What distinguishes your team from other real estate brokerages?
Our clients tell us that they enjoy working with a smaller team that can provide them with a higher level of service than a corporate firm that may be detached. We also have an annual cave party for our clients and prospects, which is one of the best days of the year to be at Tributary.

How do you get involved in the community?
I recently assisted in organizing a scholarship fund at Regis Jesuit High School for students in need of tuition assistance in memory of one of our close friends that passed away. After 3 years of work, we were able to meet our $100,000 goal for a fully endowed, perpetual scholarship by hosting a variety of ski, golf, and cycling events. Our final event was a 120-person golf tournament that brought in over $40,000 which brought us across the finish line. For me, it’s exciting to focus all my efforts on one organization or community group to see the real progress that can be made as opposed to spreading myself too thin across 5 or 10 organizations.

What’s Denver’s best kept secret?
Retrograde is a speakeasy in Capitol Hill located behind the freezer in an ice cream shop. You go order some ice cream and take your favorite cone through the industrial freezer to a quaint cocktail bar that seats about 20 people max. Couldn’t recommend enough!

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