Here at Tributary Real Estate, we’re proud to have a close-knit team of talented professionals whose unique perspectives and specialized expertise not only make them invaluable assets to our team, but to our clients and the broader Denver business community.

In this series, we’ll highlight each employee to learn more about who they are, what they do and how they further Tributary’s mission of leveraging trusted relationships, depth of experience and robust real estate knowledge to provide a customized approach to commercial real estate brokerage and investment services.


Describe a recent favorite, interesting or challenging deal.
The more complicated the deal, the better! Over my 4.5 years at Tributary, I have discovered how powerful analytics can be in supporting our clients with their real estate strategy. Whether we’re helping a client evaluate a lease vs. purchase or developing models that convey the cash-on-cash outlay over the construction of a project, I love thinking creatively on how we can bring value to our clients!

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
I love seeing the vision and culture come to life over the transaction. Given that most of our transactions are 12-18 months long, we get to understand the nuances of each company and build personal, life-long relationships with our clients. There is no better feeling than walking through their new offices and reflecting on how far we have come.

What distinguishes your team from other real estate brokerages?
Often, brokers step away once the lease is signed, but our team sees the value in taking a hands-on approach through the entire real estate transaction until the day our client moves into their space. There are so many nuances in the lease and work letter as it relates to construction, and we want to make sure our clients feel that they have our support and representation through the entire process.

Describe a recent situation when you went to a colleague for insight or advice.
Every. Single. Day! We are an extremely collaborative team and leverage each other daily to ensure we are thinking through a problem comprehensibly. No transaction is ever the same and we can draw on each of our experiences to find the best solution possible for our client. Every Tuesday, our team sits down and walks through deal successes and challenges which helps us think of ways that we can continue to improve.

How do you get involved in the community?
I am deeply involved in working with the Mile High United Way. I am also currently on the advisory board and a member of Catalyst and the Tocqueville Society.

Tell us something we may not know about one of your colleagues.
Amy, Jona and I all played the fiddle growing up! Should we start a band?

Learn more about Natalie here.