The last eighteen months have taught us a lot, but there are two lessons which have really resonated with us at Tributary: health is vital and so are the people you surround yourself with.

Not only does a healthy work environment lead to fewer sick days, but it will likely increase the success of your company overall. In fact, a study published by the Behavioral Science and Policy Association showed that employees were 50 percent more likely to experience health problems in an uneasy or stressful work environment. On the other end, a study conducted by NCBI showed that when employees have a sense of social support, appreciation, and a positive work environment, they perform better.

So, how can you build and maintain a strong and healthy company culture? Here are a few ways Team Tributary has found success in building an environment where people can thrive:

Implement a rhythm of play: Appreciating your teammates as people – and not just office mates – completely changes the workplace dynamic: projects flow seamlessly, collaboration is a natural effect and creativity runs high. Encourage your company to implement regularly scheduled activities, from happy hours and annual workplace parties to offsite team-building activities and retreats. Earlier this year, we went on a company retreat to Steamboat Lake. Disconnecting from our phones for a minute and connecting outside of the office refreshed and strengthened our outlook as a team.

Live out your core values: Core company values are the foundation upon which your business grows and succeeds. They also provide a valuable connection point for everyone on the team. Once your team owns those values and feels empowered by them, a strong company culture naturally follows. At Tributary, we believe in showing up, advocating always, doing the right thing, putting team above self, and giving back. These are what guide not only how we interact with our clients, but also with each other.

Staying connected (even virtually): While we believe nothing can quite replace in-person working relationships, many of our clients are choosing to implement work-from-home and hybrid working models during this most recent wave of the pandemic. In this setting, it’s more important than ever to find ways to feel connected online. Establishing that cameras need to be on during meetings is a simple way to make virtual meetings more personal, encouraging everyone to be present and engaged without distractions. Virtual team bonding activities can feel more physical by assigning breakout rooms where you have opportunity to chat privately with co-workers. Outside of meetings, regularly checking in with your team via text and phone calls will go a long way in helping them feel supported and appreciated.

According to TeamStage, 94% of entrepreneurs and 88% of job seekers say that healthy work culture is vital for success. Building and maintaining a strong and healthy work environment is critical, not only for the health and wellness of your team, but for employee loyalty and retention. When you build a thriving environment on meaningful core values, you also build boundless potential for success.