Here at Tributary Real Estate, we’re proud to have a close-knit team of talented professionals whose unique perspectives and specialized expertise not only make them invaluable assets to our team, but to our clients and the broader Denver business community.

In this series, we’ll highlight each employee to learn more about who they are, what they do and how they further Tributary’s mission of leveraging trusted relationships, depth of experience and robust real estate knowledge to provide a customized approach to commercial real estate brokerage and investment services.


What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?
Working closely with our clients to set their business up for continued success. In this dynamic time in commercial real estate, there is so much to consider as a business owner and tenant. It’s our duty to truly understand our clients’ visions and trajectories for where they want to go. It’s very fulfilling when we effectively help them to achieve their goals.

What distinguishes your team from other real estate brokerages?
Our team operates on strong relationships, and we wear that on our sleeves. No matter the size or economics of a deal, we’re there to support our clients and align their real estate with their goals and objectives. We’re also committed to staying involved with our clients long after their lease has commenced to ensure they’re satisfied and know that they always have a trusted advisor by their side.

Tell us something we may not know about one of your colleagues.
Our brokerage is full of golfers and our ‘golf guru,” Mark Floersch, won an Acura MDX in a competition. He even put a custom license plate on it that inscribes “4 FLOS.”

What’s been one of your favorite moments in being part of the Tributary team? I’m a part of the Tributary TEAM. There’s never a moment that isn’t the case, plain and simple. We all strive to help the brokerage grow together, and never take ourselves too seriously. To reference an all-time movie, we are a true “Ohana.” In case you didn’t know, Ohana means “family,” and family means, “no one gets left behind.”

What inspires you?
Making a real, positive change for both our clients and the city of Denver. It’s what I’m driven to do in this business and when you achieve it, you just want to do more.

What’s Denver’s best kept secret?
The stand-up comedy scene! Our most popular venue, Comedy Works (right next to our office in Larimer Square), was established in 1981 and serves as a “Western Home” for both top-tier and up-and-coming comedians. The talent Comedy Works has drawn in over the years has contributed to the growth of many unique clubs all over the city.

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