There are many factors to consider as you look to re-open your office while navigating COVID-19. With so much information out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some helpful tips and resources for creating a plan that supports employee health and safety, while allowing you to resume your ‘normal’ business operations as much as possible.

Finding the Right Time

Across the US, different states and municipalities are lifting stay-at-home orders, including in Colorado.  It’s important to understand the scope of these new orders before making a decision to re-open your office. We recommend reading these orders in full to see how they might impact your specific business. While Colorado’s state government has issued guidance, there is no mandate as to when you should open. Make the best decision for your employees and business.


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Designing a New Kind of Space

The pandemic has led many design experts to reimagine office layouts. While it’s too soon to tell how this will impact the office of the future, in the near-term there are some specific space considerations re-opening businesses should take into account. The clearest rule is to implement social distancing measures within your office. This means decreasing the density of individual work spaces and limiting use of communal spaces. There are even some ideas around creating one-way walking patterns in the office to limit how often people interact. And if you currently use a ‘hoteling’ system with open seating, consider assigning designated seats for all employees to limit unneeded exposure.


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Ensuring Health and Safety Measures

Top health officials expect COVID-19 to stay with us for quite some time. Once we get through this initial peak, maintaining social distancing, implementing health checks and increasing sanitation measures will be paramount to the health and safety of your employees. While not yet widespread, some landlords are considering temperature checks for employees and visitors entering their buildings. At the very least, be prepared to increase your office cleaning protocol. It’s also important to remember that your employees’ mental health and well being will be affected as they return to a not-so-normal workplace.


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Managing Your Team

Working from home has become the new norm for many of us. Re-opening your office may provide a welcome solace for people wanting some heads-down focus time and human interaction. For others, it may cause some anxiety. Be aware of your employees’ state of mind and help set the tone for reopening with clear communication, expectations and support. To help limit the number of people in your office at once, consider implementing a staggered schedule for employees who want to come in. By grouping teams who need to work together, you can instill a stronger sense of camaraderie and productivity. Also consider the individual schedule needs of employees during this time – some may need continued flexibility to care for older family members or children who can’t go to school.


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