One of the most frequently asked questions by potential clients is why they should use a broker like Tributary to secure an office lease. As a business owner, you may assume that you can reduce the amount of time, energy and costs it takes to find a commercial space by navigating the process on your own. In reality, a talented broker can make the process easier for you.

At Tributary, we understand that real estate is one of the highest expenses of running a business and that it has a significant impact on your business goals. We believe in serving and advocating for you throughout the lease negotiations, providing robust market knowledge along the way to secure the best terms possible.

Here are nine reasons to use a commercial real estate broker.

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1. Tenant Advocacy

You may assume that the costs of hiring a broker outweigh the benefits of using one, but there is no out-of-pocket cost to you as a tenant (our fees are paid by the landlord). Our fiduciary responsibility lies with you to find the best space, negotiate the best deal and always have your best interests in mind.

2. Broker Experience

Our market knowledge and the relationships we’ve built within the industry allow us to provide you with access to a greater number and higher caliber of spaces. Our expert team of brokers offers more than 60 years of combined tenant rep experience and has handled hundreds transactions throughout the Denver metro area, including Downtown Denver, LoDo, RiNo Art District, Cherry Creek/Glendale, Denver West, Denver Tech Center, and the Northwest Corridor.

3. Time Back

As a business owner, you understand that time is precious. Navigating real estate negotiations can be time-consuming and overwhelming to someone not fully familiar with the process. From gathering and analyzing listings, to drafting contracts, coordinating tours, negotiating leases, and much more, we’re here to take the burden and responsibility off your shoulders.

4. Growth Strategy

We’re in the business of relationships, not transactions. Throughout the brokerage process and well beyond, we maintain a strong relationship with you to plan out a long-term real estate growth strategy that meets your needs and satisfies your business goals for the future.

5. Site Selection

Whether you’re looking to renew, expand or relocate, we have the market insight and broker relationships to negotiate the best deal. By working to understand your specific situation, we will help you determine exactly where and what you need in a new office space.

6. Leasing Comps

Not all market data is available to the public–including lease comparables and listings. We’ve done deals in almost every Denver submarket and keep regular tabs on lease rates to get you the best deal possible.

7. Market Leverage

As tenant reps, we know how to negotiate with landlord brokers and analyze your lease terms against similar buildings. We leverage our knowledge of market trends, as well as economic and non-economic factors pertaining to commercial real estate in Denver to get you the best deal possible.

8. Landlord Insight

We are constantly in contact with landlords in and around Denver. By maintaining solid working relationships with landlords, we know what they’re willing to budge on and, perhaps more importantly, what they’re not.

9. Free Rent

Once we find your perfect workspace, we work to get you as many concessions as possible – from free rent to a higher allowance for tenant improvement dollars. While there are no guarantees, we know how to negotiate with landlords to meet your needs.

While navigating the commercial real estate landscape yourself is possible, the amount of resources you’ll spend in the process isn’t worth it in the end. Set yourself up for success and work with a trusted broker who understands the market and takes the time to get to know you and your company. Chances are there are real estate options out there you haven’t even thought of yet.

You’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is today. We’re here to help you get to where you want to go next.

Turns out there is such thing as a free lunch.

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